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Critiquing and Editorial Services

Picture Book Manuscript Critiques ($100 for up to 1000 words): I will include an overall report of how your plot, character and theme are working. Additionally, I will review the manuscript’s overall strengths and weaknesses, make suggestions where you might strengthen wording or phrasing, and generally comment on matters such as word count, formatting, marketability and your target market, as necessary. (For manuscripts over 1000 words, pricing will vary. Email me for more information.)
Proofreading  $50 for first 2000 words and $10 per additional 1000 words. I will meticulously review your manuscript for typos, including spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors.
Content Editing $100 for first 2000 words and $20 per additional 1000 words. I will meticulously review your manuscript for errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Additionally, I will offer line-by-line suggestions on how you can improve phrasing and word choice and will help with organization, consistency and pacing.

Here's what people are saying about Jenni's critiquing and editorial services...

"Jenni's critiques provided the clarity I needed to move my story forward. She addressed my theme, plot, arc, and word count with honest, helpful comments. She is excellent at suggestions for the rhythmic language necessary for memorable picture books." Penny Klostermann, Author of There was an Old Dragon Who Swallowed a Knight (Random House, 2015)

“Jenni gives thoughtful and insightful critiques, thoroughly, line by line. She has an innate ability to offer helpful and useful suggestions and a keen ear for rhyme, to help bring a story full circle, chocked full of fabulous ideas.” - Brenda Sturgis, Author of 10 Turkeys in the Road (Marshal Cavendish, 2011) and The Lake Where Loon Lives (Islandport Press, 2014)

"Jenni's Critiques are thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging. She never fails to offer plenty of useful food for thought to help take a manuscript to the next level." Diana Murray, Author of City Shapes (Little, Brown, 2016)

"When I sent my manuscript to Jenni, I knew that it needed work but I was stuck. her thoughtful and detailed critique helped me to figure out where to go and how to fix things up, and she helped me to get excited about my book again. I will definitely turn to Jenni again with my next story!" - Beth Ho

“It was a treat to read Jenni’s critiques of my picture book stories. It’s maybe because of her honest and supportive way of giving comments, sprinkled with a dash of good humor. But one thing is for sure—Her suggestions always help advance the story.” - Anne Speirs

"Thank you so much for your thorough and thoughtful critique. I know I'm paying for the service, but I feel like I'm getting more than my money's worth, which I love." - Hilary Swann

"Thank you for the feng shui of [my manuscript]." - Wendy Mintz

Contact me regarding availability. Once scheduled, submissions should be emailed to me HERE as a Word doc attachment, double spaced, with name and email address listed on the first page, along with page numbers and your name on each following page. If you have specific concerns, please let me know at the time of your submission and I will be happy to address those in my overall review. Most manuscripts are returned in approximately 1-2 weeks.