When I began blogging, one of my first endeavors was to find a photo of myself to post under my profile. That was easier said than done. Out of thousands of photos on my computer, there are a lot of my kids, husband, our dog, extended family, and on and on... But only a handful of me. Most of those were taken by my kids and let’s just say they wouldn’t win any cover page contests. Half of those aren't even in focus.

It got me thinking, what if I was hit by a bus today and the only photos my kids have of me are on this computer (plus a few childhood pictures in storage). That’s a pretty sad thought. Especially when I think of how precious my photos of my mom are to me since I lost her six years ago. Well, I’m vowing to change that.

I’m putting together a simple step-by-step process of how to leave a legacy of love for my kids. I'll be giving myself a different assignment each week. If you want to follow along with me, we’ll both end up with something our children will cherish forever!

Step 1: Take some photos

This week, focus on getting someone else to take the photos.

Pictures with your kids:
Make sure you get group family shots, one-on-one photos with each child, and at least one shot with you and your kids as a group (no one else). If your children are grown and you aren’t able to get new shots with them right now, spend this week looking through photo albums for special pictures you’ve already taken.

Pictures of you:
Next, get some shots alone. Ask the person taking the photos to get some candid pictures of you being yourself. These will be worth millions to you children some day! Leave the studio shots up to the studio. Do something silly. Laugh! Show your favorite hobbies. Go to your favorite local places. This is a time to capture your personality and a “snapshot” of who you are today. Have fun!

Find a place to store your photos, like a large manila envelope and put them safely inside. This is where you will keep your collection of Leaving a Legacy of Love items. When we’re finished, we'll have something very special for our children that will be priceless in their eyes.

Think about creating a collection for each child. I’m making three sets.

(photo by Caffrey's at www.flickr.com)