I've been on a writing hiatus for the past couple of months. Errr... Or have I???

I haven't posted on my blog, or spent much "sitting and writing" time and I haven't submitted anything to publishers since August. On the other hand, I've joined a new critique group and have been critiquing some amazing manuscripts for the past two months. Additionally, I have critique partners and have critiqued for a few of them.

I started thinking... Writing is not only about typing or using a pen and paper. Sometimes writing is about learning. Reading articles, studying background for my story, and doing critiques of others' work is certainly part of the writing process.

With that said, I spent some much needed time with my pen and paper yesterday and it sure felt great! I worked on revising my "desert story" and I'm encouraged to finish it up by the end of October so I can submit it.

And hey, I'm writing on my blog for the first time in a couple of months, too.

YAY ME! I’m on a ROLL!