Adrenalin. What an amazing feeling—that rush of adrenalin—when we’re faced with something that thrusts fear into us. Not a little bit of fear, but the kind of fear that stops our breath and makes us want to cry or spit. It’s that adrenalin that proves who we are. It pulls out the character from deep within us and makes us face our fear or give up.

We fight or we flee. In that instant when we are eye-to-eye with our fear, we have a choice. We can throw our hands up and run as far as we possibly can, never looking back. Or we can fight! We can fight and overcome. We can fight and win. We can fight with everything we have within us.

The truth is, to spite our doubt, we can fight because that adrenalin fills us with passion and strength that we didn’t know we had.

We fight because that’s who we are and giving up is NOT an option.

(photo by ElMarto on flickr)