Endless Days
An original poem by Jenni Bielicki
Endless ocean. Endless sky.
Endless hopes and dreams to try.
Endless laughing. Endless play.
Endless footprints left today.

Endless future. Endless care.
Endless me to shine and share.
Endless friendships. Endless trust.
Endless days float by like dust.

I sit on the seashore watching them play, wishing I could get back to those days. Those childhood days, when our hopes and dreams are but a reality before us. When our footprints are left without fear of what perfection we might trample along the way. When our future is endless. When we share our love freely and trust without end. When our days float by, wherever the mighty wind of time shall bring us.

I sit on the seashore watching them play and I realize, those days are not so far gone for me. The child in me won't let them be.