I'm super excited to announce that I'm now offering a critique service for children's writers. 

Critiques include an in-depth overall look and a detailed line-by-line analysis of your picture book manuscript (or 10 pages of a longer work).  I'll point out strengths and weaknesses of plot and evaluate your use of character, setting, and voice.

Let's face it, getting a picture book published is tough enough, but for those who write in rhyme, it can be even more challenging.   Your rhythm and rhyme must be...

I can help you polish to perfection by pointing out areas where you can tighten your manuscript.

Here's what people are saying about Jenni's critiques...

“Jenni gives thoughtful and insightful critiques, thoroughly, line by line. She has an innate ability to offer helpful and useful suggestions and a keen ear for rhyme, to help bring a story full circle, chocked full of fabulous ideas.” - Brenda Sturgis

"Jenni's Critiques are thoughtful, thorough, and encouraging. She never fails to offer plenty of useful food for thought to help take a manuscript to the next level." - Diana Murray

“It was a treat to read Jenni’s critiques of my picture book stories. It’s maybe because of her honest and supportive way of giving comments, sprinkled with a dash of good humor. But one thing is for sure—Her suggestions always help advance the story.” - Anne Speirs

"Jenni's critiques provided the clarity I needed to move my story forward. She addressed my theme, plot, arc, and word count with honest, helpful comments. She is excellent at suggestions for the rhythmic language necessary for memorable picture books." - Penny Klostermann

In order to celebrate the "grand opening" of my new critique service I'm offering special pricing for a limited time only:
  • $25 for Picture Books (up to 1000 words)
  • $25 for Chapter Books, Middle Grade or Young Adult (10 pages, double spaced)
  • $15 for a second critique of the same manuscript (or 10 pages) if you have implemented my suggestions within your revision.  
CONTACT ME with questions or reserve your critique spot now through PayPal at the link below.  You will receive a confirmation email after payment has been received. Submission instructions will be enclosed. Please be sure to select the correct drop-down option when making your payment.

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