Hey  everyone! I've been a bit off the grid for the past couple of months. As many of you know, I abandoned my "art" dream back in college when I decided to be "more practical" and get my Business Marketing degree. Since then, I've become a children's book writer and have started to re-dream my dream of being an artist through illustrating for kids someday.

After asking many of my illustrator friends and heroes what their advice is for a beginner, they all pretty much said the same thing. "Take a beginning drawing class."  So I've stepped out and done just that.  I started my class a few weeks ago at my local community college. I've learned some very basic, yet exciting tips and am enjoying our assignments a lot, (mostly involving cubes and spheres, since most things in life have those attributes in one way or another).

This week I finished up a 3 day in-class project of a cow skull and, you guessed it... a cube and a sphere. Our focus was learning light logic and how shadows are cast. Very fascinating to me!!!

Here's my attempt at it:

We also learned this week that our mid-term project is going to take some soul searching of who we are. Intrigued? Yah, me too. And a little intimidated. 

I'll keep you posted.