Have you ever asked, "What is Cinco de Mayo, anyway?" If you have, this is for you...

On May 5, 1862, the Mexican army fought the French in the Battle of Puebla. Mexico owed a debt to the French and refused to pay. The French showed up in Mexico and tried to force payment. Even though the Mexican army was greatly outnumbered, they won the battle.

About a year later, France returned to Mexico and took over leadership. By 1866, the French were under pressure from the United States, and ultimately withdrew from Mexico.

A common misconception is that Cinco de Mayo is the Mexican celebration of independence. Mexico actually celebrates her independence on September 16th, which is the most important holiday celebrated in Mexico.

Cinco de Mayo is an optional holiday celebrated by many in Mexico, but not all. The United States celebrate it to honor not only our neighbor, Mexico, but all those Americans who take pride in their Mexican heritage.

However you view the holiday and whether you celebrate it or not, I wish you a happy May fifth and Cinco de Mayo, wherever you may be.


Jenni B.