Yes, that's right! I actually wrote seven picture books (first drafts) in seven days. Some are absolutely adorably hillarious... and then... well, there's the rest that helped me reach my goal.

In fact, I only had two of them completed by the start of today, day seven. Yep, that means I wrote four and a half complet first drafts today. Whew!

Most of all, I learned I CAN DO IT!!! I posted this poem on Paula's web site as a 'thank you' for organizing the National Picture Book Writers Week (NaPiBoWriWee). She's totally rockin'!!!! You guys should definately keep up with her blog! She's so funny!!!

Photo by Jeremy Brooks

Hey, Paula Yoo!
by Jenni Bielicki

Hey, Paula Yoo!
It’s really true!
I can’t believe my drafts are through!

Your blog was revin’!
A writer’s heaven!
You helped me write my books – Yeah! SEVEN!!!!

With blogging shots
from your guest spots,
we all pressed in and found our plots.

We laughed and cried.
With you, our guide.
Encouraged now, we’ll write with pride.

We learned to snack
and keep on track
‘cause Donna’s surely got our back.

NaPiBo’s – WOW!
We all learned how
to get through seven book drafts now!

I made some friends
with lots of pens.
Let’s meet up when the summer ends.

We had some fun.
But now we’re done.
Oh wait, the work has just begun.

Until next year...
We’ll have no fear...
Because it’s fourteen days, I hear!

The real surprise...
Who wins that prize?
But ‘till we find out, let’s REVISE!