Merriam-Webster defines patience as the capacity, habit, or fact of being patient.

Let’s face it. Being patient is hard for everyone. Some fake it better than others, but it can be quite challenging for all of us at one time or another.

How does this apply to writing? Well, if I’ve learned anything this year, I’ve learned that writers play one of the hardest waiting games in the world....

You wait to get an idea... You wait to write it perfectly... You wait for feedback... You wait to revise it perfectly... You wait for more feedback... and more revisions... You wait to find a publisher/agent who might like it.... You wait to find out what they require in order for you to send it to them... You wait to hear back... You wait to open the email or envelope to see “NO”... Thus... the cycle begins again (hopefully skipping the idea part because you really believe in your story).

Hmmm.... Patience. What a virtue!

As for my publishing process, it is still... well... processing. It’s just that I’ve run about on several rabbit trails.

Rabbit trail #1:
Before beginning my publishing house search, I actually started an agent search. This was inspired by my SCBWI Agents Day (which I still owe you a part 2 post for). Although I didn’t feel the agents present were the best fit for me right now, it did give me a peek into the role of an agent and how cool and real agents can be.

I researched, studied, read, drank coffee, studied, researched, drank more coffee and read some more. After several weeks of agent searching, I came to a point where I absolutely fell in love with a specific agent... Well, I fell in love with his WORK as an agent, of course. After reading every interview with him I could find, I’ve concluded that he stands for everything I want my career to reflect. He knows the market for the niche industry I write in and loves his work. One thing that he often says to new writers is to be patient and not rush the process. Every publisher is not for every book and every agent is not for every author’s career.

Knowing this, I am sitting patiently...

Rabbit trail #2:
About a month ago I started the first few lines of another project that grabbed hold of my heart. Of course, my heart is singing in verse lately, so it came in rhyme. It took a while to catch up with the voice of those first lines, but once I did, it once more took a hold of my heart. I just finished it this week. Since it is a non-fiction piece about Africa, I had to do lots of research along the way. The story is only about 250 words, but the facts that support the story are over 400 words.

Yesterday, I sent it off for a critique from the lovely picture book author, Kristy Dempsey. I took 'the dare' and won a critique auctions on Cynthea Liu’s website which raised money for school supplies and books for some amazing kids in Oklahoma.

I believe with every stretch, an athlete is better able to reach further for her highest potential. Writers aren't any different. With every project, good and bad, I’m stretching my ability and learning more. Instead of setting my goals at being rich and famous (which few writers are), being MY BEST is my goal. I shoot for today’s best, then tomorrow’s best, then next year’s best, and on and on, day by day and year by year. I'm in this for the long haul, however long it takes.

Patience... It really is a virtue.

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