More poetry, just for fun...

Little Calf, Little Calfby Jenni Bielicki

Little calf, little calf, why do you hurt?
I hurt because I walked ten miles up hill and through the dirt.

Little calf, little calf, why are you sore?
I'm sore because you only walked six miles the times before.

Little calf, little calf, why do you ache?
I ache because you didn’t stretch, forgetting pain’s at stake.

Little calf, little calf, why are you weak?
I’m weak because you’re on a CANCER FIGHTING frenzy peak!

Yay! I finished a 10 mile walk yesterday while training for the big walk in September. Today I celebrate my success with very hurt, soar, achy, and weak calves.

Was it worth it? Absolutely!!!! Every mile, every hill, and every single pain is worth it all!
There are women all over the world who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and in September, I’m walking for their cause. I’ll walk thirty-nine miles in two days and I can’t wait. NO PAIN, NO GAIN!!!!

How can you help me? Please take a moment and go to my Avon Walk for Breast Cancer page HERE to sponsor me today and help me fight for THE CURE!

Thanks for your support! And thanks for reading my silly poem!