That’s right! I have something exciting to share!!!

No... I haven’t signed my first book contract... Not YET! What is so exciting, you ask? Well, I’ve received my very first manuscript rejection. Okay, okay... So I’m not that excited about the ‘rejection’ part. But I am excited about the ‘first’ part.

I am excited that I received a personal rejection. I’m excited that this is the first of many in my career. Why am I looking forward to getting many rejections? Well, truth be told, I’m not looking forward to the rejections themselves. Instead, I'm looking forward to what comes at the end of the line of rejections... The YES! What I am looking forward to is finding the right editors and publishers for my books.

I’m excited to be earning my title; AUTHOR. I’m excited about the growth I’ve had and the growth, yet to come! I’m excited to be working hard at reaching children’s hearts and minds everywhere. I’m excited about, the dream, the goal, and the determination it takes to reach into the future and hold on with everything I’ve got in me. I'm excited about not giving up.

And in addition to all that excitement... I'm excited about getting a lot of chocolate tonight and snuggling up with my favorite blankie as I eat the whole box!!!