I’m encouraged. It's been a good year for writing!

I currently have one picture book that launched out into editor’s land in August, another picture book going back out into editor's land this week, and still another story that is in the ‘fine-tuning’ process that will go out by the end of the year. Of course, just as most picture book writers, this is all in addition to the many stories waiting in line to be revised and fine-tuned.

All this writing puts an extra big smile on my face because this month marks my one year anniversary of writing picture books. Although I began my official “writing for children” career decision a year and half ago when I started writing chapter books, my deepest heart’s desire was propelled when that 200-word story about confidence and individuality was born. I realized the desire to encourage and teach children to love themselves and the world around them was deeply imbedded in my soul. When my passion for writing and that desire finally met, my fate was defined!

All those years of writing was about writing for me. Although I wrote poetry for others, I mostly did it because it felt good. Then I realized that writing is not only artistic (a platform for expression), but it also provides a service to the reader. By working hard to put my words in the hands of children, I serve their passions, their desires, and their hunger for living, learning and loving. The thought of placing a smile on the face of a child through my words fills me with an overwhelming delight... The kind of delight that drives me... The kind of delight that makes me want to be better... The kind of delight that says, “You CAN do it and you WILL do it!”

Here’s to a year of writing for kids. Here’s to a year of Bee Historic. And from my heart to yours, here’s to a year of sharing my passion for writing with you!

(photo by dotbenjamine)