My writing challenge is moving… slowly, but surely. I’ve fallen behind, but yet I’ve climbed further ahead all at the same time. I managed to work in a NaNo challenge beginning on one of the craziest weeks of my life. My head is still spinning from all the family, work, and fun stuff going on last week, but I am recovering and best of all, I am writing.

I may be several thousand words behind on my writing pace goal, but the truth of the matter is that I’ve written more in the last week (yes, this crazy, chaotic, overwhelming week) than I have in the last month.

Truth be told, after an amazing surge of inspiration a month ago, I wrote the beginning of a new middle grade novel that inspired me, touched me, and changed my direction and focus. It felt easy to write as the words flowed into my keyboard like sweet honey on a hot, steamy biscuit. Then I froze, like icy chunks of sleet on the window of life. My mind got stuck and I just couldn’t’ seem to get that same ease of writing back for this project.

That, my dear reader, is exactly why I challenged myself to write 1700 words a day. Crazy? Yes. But after not writing much for about a month, I’ve written almost 3000 words. Sporadic? Yes! Unorganized? Yes! Inconsistent? Yes-Yes-YES! But the words are there and my mind is in the best creative training workout of my life. I definitely need to step it up if I want to stay on track for my NaNo challenge. But in the end, I’m so very excited to be writing my novel and not putting it off because I just don’t feel it.