Well, after a VERY busy weekend, I've kicked off my PiBo writing today, on day four of NaPiBoWriWee. I finished two - YES TWO - picture books today. So what, they don't have much substance. So what,  they are pretty... ummm... dumb. So what!  Truth be told, this PiBo week has got my writer's groove groovin'.

I worked on revising a picture book that I started writing last year (yes, that would be 12 months ago) and just reached a BRICK WALL several months back. I put it down... I picked it up... I put it down... I picked it up... I slammed it down... I threw it against the wall...

But this week I sliced... I diced... and I worked that story down to just over 400 words. OH YAH! Now, instead of feeling nagged at and frustrated, I'm in love with the story again - YAY!

Paula Yoo's NaPiBoWriWee doesn't just torture us into writing bad picture books. It gets our groove on, Baby!