Time has a way of ticking by quickly, especially when it comes to neglecting my blog readers!!! (Jenni is hanging her head in shame.)

The good news about neglecting my blog is that it usually means I'm working on other writing projects. And this is no exception. Lots has been happening in my writer's world and here are a few of the most notable happenings over the past couple of months:

#1 - I registered for the SCBWI Summer Conference. This will be my second year - YAY! The premium picture book workshop taught by Diane Muldrow filled up only hours after registration opened. I'm on the waiting list... so fingers crossed!

#2 - I queried and submitted exclusively to an agent and six weeks later, received the most amazing rejection. And that's all I'll say about that. (Jenni is grinning, because she doesn't like to share details about stuff like this, but will some day when she's rich and famous.)

#3 - I submitted my award winning picture book manuscript, Starry Kalahari, to a choice editor... fingers and eyeballs crossed that they LOVE it!

#4 - I've spent time tightening up several "almost finished" manuscripts and developing others that are first drafts. (Jenni is an A.D.D. writer, so it's typical for her to work on several projects at once. In fact, since starting this blog post, she's checked emails, facebook, and started a word processing document.)

#5 - I pulled a muscle in my back last week, so I've been babying it with heating pads and such. Hey, whatever it takes to get out of doing a few dishes and laundry, right?

#6 - I've lost a critique group facilitator, pouted about it, and accepted a unanimous nomination and vote to step up as the group facilitator. This is a HUGE honor, considering the talented writers we have.


#7 - I worked this week on narrowing down my schedule of sessions I'll be attending at the Summer Conference.  For those of you who have attended before, you know how difficult this can be, given the caliber of speakers. Additionally, I noticed that two of the closed houses I'm interested in subbing to will have representatives attending. (Jenni is going to walk through ALL the open doors she gets, but knows she must first knock... and wait... and smile, real cute-like when the door opens.)

So that's that. I'll keep you all posted on my submission process. Until then, HAPPY WRITING!