Many, MANY thanks to everyone who participated in the Critters Against Cancer online auction to benefit the fight against Breast Cancer!!!  You all have given so much and I'm extremely honored and grateful to have been a part of this event!

BIDDING IS NOW CLOSED and all winners will be posted ASAP. 

If you've won an auction by being the highest bidder by 11:59, Sept 1st, please follow these instructions:

  1. Pat yourself on the back... YAY! YOU WON!!!
  2. Go to one of my team member's Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Page HERE and make your donation in the amount of your winning bid or higher by clicking on DONATE NOW within 24 hours (that would be anytime on Thursday, Sept. 2nd).
  3. Email me at jennimommy [at] verizon [dot] net to let me know that you've made your donation and which item you've won. If you've won more than one item, please combine that total and list in your email which items you've won.
  4. Wait patiently. I will contact you within 24 hours of your payment to give you further instructions on what to do to redeem your prize.
  5. CELEBRATE!!! You've contributed to helping fight breast cancer. Now, go pat yourself on the back again then tell a friend about Critters Against Cancer. We'll be back next year!
IF YOU ARE THE RUNNER UP to the highest bidder, please check back on Friday, Sept. 3rd. If payment has not been made by the winner, YOU ARE THE NEW WINNER... This information will be posted as a comment on your auction. Email me immediately before you make your donation.