In honor of NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo, I thought it the perfect time to avoid my personal writing commitments by writing a blog post… especially since it’s so long overdue.

As a follow up to Critters Against Cancer, I wanted to announce that my team raised over $15,000 to help fight cancer through the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in September. More specifically, over $1000 of that was raised directly from Critters Against Cancer in less than two weeks. WOW! I can’t thank everyone enough for all your support. Whether you donated an item, bid, tweeted, blogged, or just stopped by and encouraged me that day when my blog had almost 1000 hits, you deserve a huge cyber (((((hug))))) and a high-five!

Quite honestly, my goal was to raise money for the cause, but what happened in the end, so very much exceeded my expectations. CAC was able to touch lives in ways I’d never imagined, including my own.

On a different note, I want to reiterate how true that saying is: “a mother’s work is never done.” In the past 30 days my kids have had 7 doctor visits, 1 urgent care visit, 1 ER visit and 3 plastic surgeon visits… "Enough with the facial lacerations and 103+ fever, people!" Maybe this means I should get back to that middle grade book I started writing two years ago about germs. Hey, everything happens for a reason, right?! And being the optimist that I am, I’m choosing to look at the bright side of all this and vent through my work.

So with that said, don’t forget to use your hand sanitizer today. Now, I’m off to go write about germs.