My 6 year old was given 45 sight words to learn by the end of her kindergarten year and I thought, what better way to learn them than to have an early reader with all 45 words. And since I just happen to be a children's writer (wink), why not challenge myself to write a story, 300 words or less, using all 45 words.

So in the name of a good writing challenge, give it a try and let me know how it goes. 
What's your title and how many words is your story?  As for me, my lovely new early reader (dedicated to my 6 year old, of course) is called Fred and Fran and it's about two friends having a boatload of fun as one of them is challenged to overcome her fear with lots of encouragement from her pal and it's 250 words.

a                           one                        of                       me                  run
was                      she                         play                   my                  big
for                        and                        am                      love               how
he                         can                        went                   people           in
this                       fun                         see                     the                 little
is                          all                         up                       we                not
look                      am                        are                      have              said
on                         here                      come                   I                    to
with                      it                           go                      like                you