Sometimes it just happens. One minute you're making a cup of coffee and the next minute you sit down and spit out a poem you love in three minutes flat.  It doesn't happen often, but I'm glad it happened to me today.
If Can't Was Not a Word
An original poem by Jenni Bielicki

What if every word you spoke
Was exactly what came true?
What if CAN’T was not a word?
What things would you do?

Would you soar with all your might
Past all the things you see?
Would you touch the moon and sun
And be all you could be?

Would you smile at every turn
Excited and enthused
By all the things that you could do
If that word wasn’t used?

Would you hold your head up high
Accomplishing extremes
Without that single word to hold
You back from all your dreams?

I think you could. I think you would
Make all those dreams come true.
If CAN’T was not a word you used
What things would you do?