I found out yesterday that painting a world filled with charisma and color begins one room at a time. That's right. The Bielicki family is coloring the world, starting with our family room. 

We sampled some peach and pink.

And some blue too. We almost went with the one on the right.
The final cut: TURQUOISE - YAY!
A very special thanks to the best paint crew ever!

Walls of White
(A true story)
by Jenni Bielicki

There once was a house
Filled with boredom and gloom,
Void of all pigmentation,
Walls of white filled each room.
There was no creativity.
No wonderment there.
Just plain old white nothing
Through the house everywhere.
But then on a fine
Sunny day in July
the mother rose up,
Grabbed a brush, waved GOODBYE
To the walls of vast void,
Lacking brightness and joy,
as she handed a brush
to her girls and her boy.
They splished and they splashed
and they all gave high fives.
The color began
to spill into their lives.
When the last spot of white
Disappeared, out of sight,
the room filled with hope,
Great ideas and delight.
So they no longer live
in a house filled with gloom
Because Mother says
Everyones painting their room!