Learning proportions is a vital part of drawing faces.  Up until today, I pretty much just copied what I saw in a photo.  But no matter what I tried, the faces were either not looking realistic or the characters were not looking the age I wanted them to (mostly looking older than I wanted).

Here are a few more faces I drew last night.

It really didn't take long to figure out that there were some aspects of these sketches that were off. I obviously need some instruction, so I went to You Tube to search "draw teen" and came up with a very helpful video giving step by step instructions of how to draw the proper proportions for babies, teens, and adults.  Let me just say... VERY interesting!  And it makes much more sense to me now.  Here's my attempt at taking a quick 20 minute class from Mark Crilley on You Tube. He even gave tips on how to turn a 22 year old adult woman into a middle aged woman. Pretty cool! I look forward to taking these techniques and applying them to my future face sketches of kids.

And here's the video. Many thanks to Mr. Crilley for his help!